Steam In Romantic Fiction

Steam In Romantic Fiction

When I set out to write my young adult novels, I never intended for them to contain sex scenes. There are some intimate scenes, lots of kissing and cuddling, some go a little farther than that, but they’re free of explicit details regarding adult content. But I had to work hard to keep them that way and I even toned down some of the most intimate scenes.

What is it about sex that captures our interest? I guess, for me, it’s the *feels* and the fantasy of it. Who doesn’t want to be turned on at least a little?

So, I started writing adult romance to satisfy that desire.

Some scenes are very steamy, like in my reverse harem fantasy novel that contains explicit menage scenes. And then there’s the whole workplace fantasy in my murder mystery (who wouldn’t want to have sex with attractive men at the office?).

I have other projects in the works. Some are definitely going to be super steamy. But others… I find myself torn. I had envisioned them to contain explicit X-rated scenes, but the more I get into them, the more I’m drawn to cleaner content, more innocent romance.

My novels, in general, are fairly tasteful (no pun intended). I don’t use much profanity or dirty sex talk. Certain words just don’t make it in my novels and I plan to keep it that way.

My primary genre is sexy romance rather than erotica, because I’m focusing on the relationship between the characters. I want my book boyfriends, whether in a reverse harem or romantic thriller, to be big on protecting my heroines, and I want them to genuinely care about people other than themselves.

So, when it comes to writing the stories, I’ll be thinking long and hard about how I want them portrayed. Well, actually, a huge part of that is how the characters want themselves portrayed (they really do have a mind of their own).

And that could theoretically affect the entire outcome of the story…

One novel I’m working on now essentially has two outcomes depending on one huge decision my heroine must make. And it’s going to get very interesting!

So, what about you? What do you like about steamy, sexy romance? Or do you prefer the hardcore variety? I’m curious!

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