Embarking on a Fun New Journey

Embarking on a Fun New Journey

Just when did Camille Jerali come alive? 

She’s been alive for over a year, secretly writing steamy scenes in a concerted effort to keep her other novels clean… But it wasn’t until recently that her existence was made public with the release of her first novel, Bound to Them All, a steamy reverse harem novel.

Who is she writing for?

Well, mostly for her. But since she has so much fun writing these books, she might as well share them.

If you’re into reading explicit or intimate scenes, and you enjoy reading about hot guys who protect women, these books might be for you.

She’ll be releasing a few more books in the next couple of months.

  • Work Perks to Die For
  • Quickie on the Commute
  • Bind Me Again (the sequel to Bound to Them All)

Does she intend to write more reverse harem novels?

Yes. The sequel to Bound to Them All will continue the reverse harem vein. She has one other story idea that will be a reverse harem, but at this time she’s not sure if it will be a series.

She has lots of other erotic romance/thriller projects she’s working on and lots and lots of ideas floating around in her head. Only time will tell where her mind will take her.

So, where can I buy her books?

Her novel Bound to Them All is currently available at Amazon. More novels will be made available for pre-order soon! Stay tuned…

We hope you enjoy Camille’s writing!

In the meantime, be sure to sign up for her mailing list for book news and updates along with bonus content here!

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